Hi. I'm Eric Lehner.

I am a freelance Director of Photography based in London. I studied Film History and Aesthetics at UNIL and the Craft of Filmmaking at LIFS and have since then worked on a wide variety of projects, ranging from music promos to multicam concert videos, adverts, lots and lots of corporate films, short films and last but not least feature films. I am always interested in a new challenge and equally happy to take care of a simple shoot you may consider "everyday" - there's something new to learn in every project, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you think I might be the right person for you.

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A cross section of projects I've worked on as a cinematographer.

Some more recent projects I'd like to highlight.

Trailer for Mad Heidi - the first "Swissploitation" movie ever! WARNING: this is NSFW and you really don't want to have your kids watching it over your shoulder! If you'd like to find out more about director Johannes Hartmann's crazy vision, our crowd-funding campaign and really amazing merchandise, check out: www.madheidi.com.

BaoBao - A feature film directed by GC Shie dealing with LGBTQ rights in Taiwan and worldwide, same sex relationships and cultural identity. Filmed with Alexa Minis in the UK as well as Taiwan, it was a finalist at the Asia Pacific Film Festival and has been screened at many festivals all over the world. It has now been officially released in cinemas in Taiwan.

Trailer for the short film Clones - directed by Rafael Bolliger, produced by Rosas'n'co in Zurich. The film stars Rutger Hauer, DeObia Oparei and Stephanie Németh-Parker and did quite well on the Festival circuit - it was at Sitges, Sapporo, NIFFF, Raindance, LA Shorts, Strasbourg Fantastic Film Festival and many more. Find out more at www.clonesthemovie.com.

The camera work in this project is very straightforward - simple handheld shots with a Sony FS7 in the streets of East London. The video went viral and had around 8 million combined views at the last count – but unfortunately it still failed to convince enough people to say NO to Brexit at the time - would be nice not to be in this mess now. Directed by Matt Hoad Robson.

A music video for the song "Blow Um Mau Mau" by The Monsters, featuring the legendary Reverend Beat-Man. This promo was directed by Rafael Bolliger and produced by my long time friends at Decoy Collective in Bern, Switzerland. It was shot with DSLRs, a Canon 5D and 7D. The story line is of course inspired by a scene in a great movie classic - Natural Born Killers.

A music video for the song "Ma im Chopf" by Juno Boys and directed by Bielo Vasquez. This will sound rather outlandish for anyone who's not familiar with Swiss dialect - have a listen! The themes it deals with are the voices in your head and overcoming your "inner demons" and it was shot with a Sony FS7 in the streets of London. More info here: www.junoboys.com

Stills from Instagram.

The challenge here is to create a mood or capture a key moment in one single frame.

Credit: @Eric Lehner
Credit: @Eric Lehner
Credit: @Eric Lehner
Credit: @Eric Lehner
Credit: @Eric Lehner
Credit: @Eric Lehner
Credit: @Eric Lehner
Credit: @Eric Lehner
Credit: @Eric Lehner

Going down Memory Lane.

A few of my older projects - they might not even be in HD, but for one reason or another they're still dear to me.

This was an ad directed by Duncan Jones which we shot right after film school in Chinatown. This one is very close to my heart because it won a Kodak award for best cinematography back then, and it's always remained one of my favourites. It was shot on film with the Arri SR3. what was tricky was capturing the flashes going off, as this was done in-camera, not an effect added in post. The visual reference is the noodle bar scene in Blade Runner.

A music video directed by Daniel Cherbuin for the girl group "Tears" with Universal Music. The video was shot on 16mm film (Kodak 7279) with an Arri SR3 and Zeiss lenses. We played around with the framerates in order to give it that frantic/punk/comedy feel. It was a lot of fun to shoot this one, but cleaning the camera after that pillow fight scene was less so - luckily I had Orit Teply as 1st AC on this one and as ever she did a fantastic job.

Here is an a-cappella cover version of Wham's holiday classic "Last Christmas" by Bliss. Director Daniel Cherbuin wanted it to be as close to the original video as possible, though using more up to date cameras (this was shot on Red One). We used the same locations but the trees around the chalet had grown a lot and the building has been modernised. A big Thank You for his help goes to Andy Morahan who directed the original video for Wham.

This video for the song Higher by Moonplain with Universal was directed by Oliver Wüest. It was shot on RED One entirely in studio. These guys had some really lovely guitars with them, both Gretschs as well as Duesenbergs, so it was seriously tempting to just turn this into a guitar advert, but I think we managed to capture the beauty of the instruments without detracting too much from the song and the band.

Another collaboration with director Duncan Jones, this was produced by Frank Films / One Little Indian. The brief was to give this as much of a look that suits the "nostalgic" quality of the music. Shooting on S16mm with a "vintage" lens seemed the right choice. This was filmed on one of the smaller stages in Shepperton studios in London. The split screens are adding to the period feel and I'm very pleased with the colours.

My first collaboration with artist and songwriter Maury, produced by Spielplatzfilme/EMI. This promo is very rich - director/editor Daniel Cherbuin has hidden hundreds of "easter eggs" in it, some that only make sense to crew and insiders, others that are fun to decipher for anyone - and at the rate this is cut together I think you can find something on almost every frame. It was filmed on S16mm film with an Arri SR3.

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